jueves, 19 de agosto de 2010

Designers against AIDS

Se ha creado una página en Facebook llamada Designers against AIDS. Dan las gracias a artistas que han colaborado con ellos, hablan de Tokio Hotel y de sus fans por el apoyo que han recibido de ellos.

We created the Designers against AIDs fan page on Facebook today and wanted to share this news with Tokio Hotel fans first, as you have been supporting us in a fantastic way, ever since the Tokio Hotel members participated to Fashion against AIDS -and after that, in their fundraising campaign for our education center- that's almost ready to be opened by the way (we're moving there on August 25th!) and that's happening thanks to stars like Bill, Tom, Georg and Gustav- and people like you!
Please spread the word, so we can have many page fans soon and can spread the safe sex message even further!

You'll find the page here:

Thank you and kindest regards


PS If any fans have photos of them wearing a Fashion against AIDS T- shirt or TH/DAA button, please put them on the Fan Page!

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