jueves, 10 de junio de 2010

Entertainment on 5 - Entrevista con Tokio Hotel en Singapour (Vidéos)

Nos ha llegado otra nueva entrevista que dio el grupo durante su estancia en Asia, promocionando su album "Humanoid2, esta vez en Singapour.

Impression of Singapore?
Bill :We came out of the airport and saw this beautiful city.
It is amazing, we are still, like, you know, impressed.
It looks like a jungle with amazing buildings so it is maybe the most beautiful city we have ever seen so..
We are really excited to be here.

What has the band been up to?
Bill: We had a really really cool european tour. we finished everything 10 days ago.
It was a huge production, I think the biggest Tokio Hotel production we ever had
We were on the road with out new record Humanoid and it was really cool.
We have been all over europe and so many countries and it was really succesful and we did the DVD in Milano.
Tom: yeah in milano. It was really good. I think it will come out maybe in the summer.
Bill: And we just saw the first cuts, you know, on our laptops in the hotel and it is really cool.
Tom: We have been working on that.. but it will be cool. (he mumbles but that is what it sounded like)

possible artist collaborations?
Bill: It is hard to pick one band since we are all very different and when it comes to our private music taste, it is also very different.
Tom: You can’t say it with a 100 % garantee, if you like a band, you should meet them, you know, collaborate with them, you know, are you on the same wavelength, you like the same things and all that. but we like Aerosmith.
Bill: Yeah, that would be kind of a dream, working together.

Who are your idols?
Bill: I have never had one idol, I think I pick my favorite things from different artists and the inspiration comes from everywhere, from movies, fans, cities and bands.
Georg: I would love to meet David Hasselhoff.
Tom: Yeah right, he likes his dancemoves.
Georg: Yeah! he is a great dancer.

Georg is a Hobbit?
Tom: ‘Cause he’s got hairy feets.
Georg: That is not true.
Tom: And yeah that is why his nickname is hobbit.
Bill: And I mean, look at him, he looks like a hobbit.
Tom: Yeah!

Bill’s nickname is “Macky”?
Macky: We didn’t use that that often.
Bill: Noo..it was Toms idea, I don’t know why.
it was Toms idea to call me that.
Tom: but macky is good, it is good (mumbles)
because it was of your hair, your style.
you know, in Germany we say to big hair, we say “mekke (sp?)” and macky is the nickname , it is like a german word for funny hairstyle.

What have they been listening to?
Bill: I like the stereophonics and I like Aerosmith and uh.. what else..
Tom: I like, you know, I like the last Jay-Z record, it was really good and Alicia Keys, I like her record and yeah.

A concert in Singapore soon?
Bill: I think we come back in July, to China and hopefully Japan and…
Tom: Now we are just planning, you know, next trips, to asia and hopefully we can ,yeah, do like a tour here.

Bill: Hello Singapore we are Tokio Hotel, watch Entertainment on 5 and find out how you can win this Gibson guitar.

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