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Tokio Hotel prepara su promoción en Asia. Hitz.fm entrevista a Tokio Hotel - 25/03/2010

El grupo dio una entrevista a una radio en Asia, hablando de su trabajo y de su próxima promoción en Malasia.

Os dejamos la banda sonora y la transcripción en inglés.

- Jin: Jin on the Hitz party we're speaking with Tokio Hotel , now before we begin lets do a quick round up on who's there.
- Bill : Ehr That's Bill
- Tom : Tom
- Georg : that's Georg
- Gustav : And Gustav.
- Jin: Okay , now Bill I gotta ask you this question man, what's the idea behind your hairstyle you know this whole big hair thing?
- Tom : Yea that's a good question, we ask this question every day!
- Jin: *laughs*
- Bill : I think there is no, you know any idea behind it, it's just something that comes out of me you know. It's a personal thing. I like to change my hair a lot of times, I don't want to get bored of myself. So when I look in the mirror and I feel that I want to change something , I change my hair.
- Jin: Okay looks like you need a lot of hairspray man , so how many bottles do you use a day?
- Bill : Like every day, one bottle.
- Jin: Wohow, Serious?!
- Bill : Yeah, you need that.
- Jin: Alright more from Tokio Hotel in just a bit...

- Jin: It's Jin from the hitz party speaking with Tokio Hotel. Guys I heard that you might be hitting the studio again to work on some new material but any new tours before that?
- Bill : Yeah and before we want to come over and we want to meet our fans for the first time. And ehm .. yeah- That's the plan for the next month.
- Jin: oh really, so you are considering coming to Malaysia to preform for your fans?
- Bill : Oh yeah , we can do that!
- Jin: Let's cross our fingers, okay? Lets hope Tokio Hotel makes their way down here. Anyways more from them in just a bit..

- Jin: We are speaking with Tokio Hotel. Now your first single is Automatic, so what's the song about?
- Bill : Ehm, I Think Automatic were one of the last songs we wrote for this record and we had the idea actually in the car on the way to our studio. The song is about a girl which has no real feelings , about a girl which is automatic.
- Jin: Okay, so have you ever met a girl like that before? That's why you wrote the song?
- Bill : I think we have met a lot of people in the "inner"(?) world which are automatic sometimes. You know the music business are really really hard and ehm yeah..so I think we know the situation really really well.
- Jin: Speaking of Automatic, we're playing it right now, on hitz!

- Jin: Now I understand you guys are a German band , and do you find it hard to sing songs in English?
- Bill : Oh it is! As you can hear our English is pretty bad..
- Jin: Nah..
- Bill : ...We know sone words from our school-time, and it is actually easier to write that to speak. But it was a really really big challenge for me to sing in English for the first record. I think for Humanoid it was much easier , because I got used o it. And now it is hard to decide which language I prefer, I really love German, but English is also fine, so yeah I can't decide, I think the fans have to decide. We have two records in two languages ,so everyone can choose their favorite language.
- Jin: Okay, more from Tokio Hotel next ..

- Jin:Now guys you have like Myspace , Facebook, twitter..
- Bill : Yeah , we are on Myspace and Facebook and everything..
- Jin: So if you wanna search you on twitter what do we look for?
- Bill & Tom : *laughs*
- Bill : That's a good question!
- Tom : We just started and it is not like a personal twitter so we don't have to be doing personal messages , it's just like.. well just the latest news.
- Jin: Oh ok. Anyways more from Tokio Hotel in just a bit, here's Jay-Z...

- Jin: Loads of tweets coming in from Maywa(?) Kerry... and they all aks the same thing; Will you guys come over to Malaysia?
- Bill : Yes, we want to come over.
- Jin: Have you been to Malaysia before?
- All : No, no..
- Bill : This will be the first time , you know.. we heard that we have some fans over there so we this is totally exciting for us!
- Jin: You don't have some fans you have a lot of fans!
- Bill & Tom : Wow, good!
- Jin: More from Tokio Hotel in a bit, after these hits...[...]

- Jin: You guys won an award right? The 2009 EMA, so what was it like to win an award in your home country?
- Bill : I think it was really exciting, we didn't expect that , it was totally cool to get this award and we had a great performance before so it was an amazing night for us!
- Jin: Okay , so here's a very random question. If Tokio Hotel would make a movie, which actors would you cast in your movie?
- Bill : Ehm, I would say, Megan Fox.
- Tom : For Tom I think.. Jessica Alba *laughs*
- Georg : For Georg, I would take my girlfriend.
- Bill : Awww..
- Tom : Yeah, Georg has a girlfriend, that's right (?)
- Gustav : For me, Gustav it is Megan Fox.
- Jin: Okay, alright.. I know we're running out of time, but a quick one. A message to all your fans here in Malaysia.
- Bill : we wanna say thank you for all your support so far and we are really excited that we have fans over there, we didn't expect that. We want to come over and see you guys and we wanna play live, so yeah we hope we'll [...] soon!
- Jin: alright thank you so much for your time! Well see you soon okay?
- All : Bye!

Transcript by Helena@THUS

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