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Tamar Counts Down Buzzworthy's Top 5 Songs Of 2009 - Number 4: Tokio Hotel, 'Automatic'

Nuevamente otra buena noticia nos llega sobre el último trabajo de los chicos, según Buzzworthy.mtv.com

"Humanoid" estaría en el número 4 de la lista de albumnes más importantes del 2009, ello es un buen presagio para el comienzo del 2010, año en elque elgrupo planea una gira a nivel mundial que empezará en Europa el próximo mes de febrero, como todos bien sabéis..

"2009, you were a pretty good year. Despite a craptacular economy, there was plenty to keep us preoccupied and entertained: Taylor Swift reigned as America's princess, Kanye West provided us with a scapegoat for everything bad, Britney Spears stayed sexy, Rihanna got sexier, Susan Boyle made everyone cry in the good way, Kevin Jonas got married, and everything Lady Gaga did was art. And everything sounded more satisfying at 140 characters (or less.) And no one was as cute as Justin Bieber or hot as Robert Pattinson. (Except maybe Taylor Lautner.)

But what about the music? While it's still tough to sell a CD (remember those?), a single single could still make you a star in 2009. (Right, Ke$ha?) And here at the MTV Buzzworthy Blog, we spent all year obsessing over, studying, playing, and replaying some of the biggest and best songs of 2009 (and many that didn't qualify as either.)

So, without further ado or flowery intro, here are my picks for Buzzworthy's Top 5 Songs Of 2009, beginning with 5 and 4.

+ Number 5: Demi Lovato: "Remember December"
Though "Remember December" wasn't the lead single off of Demi Lovato's second album, Here We Go Again, it was easily the strongest and best. With a slight '80s tinge (is that you, young Pat Benetar?), "Remember December" is a serious standout that quickly makes it point with Demi behind the wheel -- seriously speeding -- the whole time. It's the perfect showcase for Demi's way-beyond-her-years vocals and ability to sell a song without sugar-coating it. Play "Remember December" for a Disney hater, and wait for an apology.

+ Number 4: Tokio Hotel, "Automatic"
Tokio Hotel fans endured a long, fraught wait for Tokio Hotel's Humanoid album, and the album's big, loud arrival made every second of the wait worthwhile, beginning with the first single, "Automatic." With its sweeping chorus that hit you over the head less than a minute into the song, "Automatic" instantly asserted that Tokio Hotel was big-time back, established the album's theme of bittersweet love, and assured you that this is totally Music Therapy: You can't not feel redeemed singing "Automatic" at the top of your lungs."

Fuente: http://www.stumbleupon.com/su/2IYxlt/buzzworthy.mtv.com/2009/12/28/tamar-counts-down-buzzworthys-top-5-songs-of-2009-number-5-demi-lovato-remember-december-number-4-tokio-hotel-automatic//r:t

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