miércoles, 7 de octubre de 2009

Concurso MTV "Tokio Hotel"; gana una camiseta firmada y un mensaje de video del grupo.

Un nuevo concurso lanzado desde MTV.com coincidiendo con el lanzamiento de Humanoid.

Grábate durante 30 segundos dando tu opinión sobre el album y envíalo a MTV.com, entrarás en un sorteo o concurso para poder ganar una camiseta firmada por el grupo y un video con un mensaje de

By now, Tokio Hotel fans have probably worn the digital coating off their copies of the band's new LP, Humanoid, and it's only been available for a few hours. All around the world, fans are spending Tuesday (October 6) plowing through the just-released album, playing it, re-playing it, pausing it, screaming about it ... you name it, it's probably happening right now, and Humanoid is the soundtrack. So what could make the day better?

How about a Tokio Hotel contest?

In celebration of Humanoid, MTV News has partnered with the guys in Tokio Hotel for a very special giveaway: One lucky fan will win an autographed Humanoid T-shirt, plus a special personalized video message from the band. Think about it: Bill Kaulitz saying your name!

Wanna win? Well, here's what you've got to do: Head over to Your.MTV.com and submit a 30-second video review of Humanoid (make sure you show us your copy of the album — digital or physical — so we know you're not a pirate). We're looking for the best, most creative take on the album: You can use costumes, tears, squealing, Bill Kaulitz-esque hairstyles — they're all encouraged, nay, required. (Who says music criticism is a lost art?)

However, for rights reasons, one thing you can't do is have the album playing during your video — head here for details on submissions.

We'll take submissions until Friday at 6 p.m. ET, and we'll spend the weekend weeding through all the clips to pick one winner, which we'll announce on Monday.

So, Tokio Hotel fans, it's time to get crazy. It's time to get critical. See you on Your.MTV.com!


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